Loyalty program

Cashback 5%
  • Get cashback 5% for every order
  • Cashback can be used as payment for up to 50% of the order
  • Get bonuses for reviews
  • Pay for experiences or gift cards with bonuses through the Xpresent app

How to get bonuses to your balance?

1. Buy certificates and get a guaranteed cashback of 5% of the purchase price.
For every purchase you make, you get 5% of the cost of the service. You can spend them on any services from our catalog. The more purchases, the more funds you have on your balance. One bonus ruble is equal to one Russian ruble. You can pay 50% of the cost of the certificate with bonus rubles. Bonus funds are intended for use only within the Xpresent service, there is no possibility to withdraw them.

Example. You bought certificates worth 1000 AED. You have received a cashback of 50 AED. Further, you decided to give a certificate worth 100 AED and apply the accumulated bonus points, as a result, this certificate will cost you 50 AED. 

2. Feedback in exchange for bonus points.
After activating and using the certificate, you will receive an email with a proposal to evaluate the quality of the service received. Tell us what you liked about the service and what you didn't. After checking and moderation for the feedback left and your time spent, we will credit 20 AED to your bonus account for a review with photos and 10 AED without pictures.

How to use bonuses?
You can use your bonuses through the Xpresent apps for Iphone and Android. Log in using your phone number, through which you made an order, and write off bonuses at checkout.

4 reasons to choose Xpresent
Personal sets
You can edit ready made sets or create set with your list of activities
Instant exchange
Gift recipient can change the service on the website with any other experience within the nominal value of the certificate.
2nd certificate is FREE
Get "Set X" certificate as a gift when ordering from 1000 AED.
The validity of the certificate is 12 months
Allows you to use the certificate within 365 days from the date of issue