Become a new partner

Do you want to increase the flow of new customers for free?
If you have an interesting service, you are ready to perform it honestly, efficiently and in such a way that customers cry with happiness, but you lack the flow of new customers, then it's time to contact Xpresent.

Our requirements for partners:

  • availability of all permits and licenses for this type of activity,
  • work experience of 2 years,
  • timely, high-quality and safe provision of services to customers,
  • legal registration and work by bank transfer.

Benefits of working with us:

  • payment once a week or once a month,
  • contract work,
  • registration of certificates through the partner's office or mobile application,
  • the possibility of including the service in gift sets,
  • inclusion of services in email newsletters for the client base,
  • publication in social networks, blog,
  • adding services to popular product aggregators.

How to connect to Xpresent?

Send email to

4 reasons to choose Xpresent
Personal sets
You can edit ready made sets or create set with your list of activities
Instant exchange
Gift recipient can change the service on the website with any other experience within the nominal value of the certificate.
2nd certificate is FREE
Get "Set X" certificate as a gift when ordering from 1000 AED.
The validity of the certificate is 12 months
Allows you to use the certificate within 365 days from the date of issue