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Museum of The Future Dubai Experience
Museum of The Future Dubai Experience

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Museum of The Future Dubai Experience

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If you want to see how the world looks over fifty years, you have an opportunity to visit the Dubai museum of the future. This sight combines modern and high-technology exhibits under one attractive traveling housetop. By traveling it you will get inspired by creative concepts created by visionary technologists. It was built next to the Emirates Towers, allowing you to predict solutions for new generations and possible technologies that have yet to be invented. 

Discover the museum of the future that is trying to change the world, not tell the story of the past. Visit this iconic building, which is one of the most complex architectural structures in the world. You will see a unique space that includes several immersive zones, the purpose of which is to place visitors in an expanded version of the future. Learn about the future of space travel, climate change, health, wellness, and spirituality.

You can also explore the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence in the museum of the future Dubai. Assess the possibilities of concepts such as human augmentation. Find out how education, cities, energy, and transportation may change in the future. This place will help you to change the world with different ideas that you can find here.

Take a look at the wonderful and highly creative future foundation with a fancier treatment to sustainable living. This extraordinary museum shows you the best possibilities shortly and offers decisions for various problems.

Explore next-generation science, technology, and innovation 

The beautiful building is a frame structure made of stainless steel and fiberglass. Inside, guests are greeted by a luxurious hall, and elevators carry capsules around the floors. The tour starts from the top floor and then goes down.

The halls are equipped with touch devices, state-of-the-art instruments, interactive displays, and other equipment that demonstrates the latest achievements. On the territory, there are platforms for presentations, design studios, and research facilities. The museum also has a wellness center, gift shop, restaurant, and event space. Near the complex, there is a mirror pool, bike paths, and recreation areas. The building is powered by a solar power plant.

This Dubai museum was intended to be more than just a platform for demonstrations, but research is carried out here that can prevent planetary threats, improve living standards through robotics and artificial intelligence, advance space exploration and developments in the fields of healthcare, bioengineering, and much more.

Each of the levels of the complex represents a certain direction, the elements of which are divided into an exhibition, an immersion theater that immerses visitors in a simulated reality, and a themed attraction that can take you back in time and immerse everyone in the atmosphere of the Dubai future.

Unlike other museums, where the value of exhibits increases with time because they become older, this can change our exposure. Such a place shows the most distant future, which you can truly feel and see with your own eyes.

What to expect at the Museum of the Future

The innovative landmark is a relatively recent addition and therefore has a less rich history than other cultural sites in Dubai. But after visiting it, you will get an unforgettable experience because you will see here exhibits related to:

  • Space. The OSS Hope Space Exposition awaits guests on the fifth floor. This exhibition will tell about its history and structure, as well as mankind's plans for space exploration in general.
  • Biology and ecology. On the fourth floor there is an exhibition of the HEAL Institute dedicated to nature and ecology in general. It includes a life observatory with sealed capsules through which life can be tracked and developed.
  • Human body and mind. The third level of the museum is the Al Waha Gallery. It helps to understand that a person's well-being depends on many factors, including information flow, stress and ecology. 
  • Life of the people in the future. You can learn interesting facts about what kind of life awaits people in the future from the exposition of Tomorrow Today.
  • For the children. This space is designed to awaken curiosity in young researchers, interest in discoveries, the study of science, and a conscious attitude toward the planet

You can buy museum of the future tickets online on the official website. Given the ever-increasing interest in the new attraction, you need to check availability in advance. The most convenient way is to book tickets online and then pay for them on the spot.

Additional information

Age: Child Entry Ticket (under 3 years old) - Free

Last entry one hour before closure.

Duration: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm

Tickets provide full access to the museum experience and amenities.


  • Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre - Dubai - UAE
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